Hello WORLD!!! I’m Francesca.

I’d like to tell you something about me. Well let’s start from the beginning..

 Unlike many chefs, I didn’t attend a cookery school.

I have been fond of cooking since I was a child, and this has made me follow this path…
At my parent’s astonishment, I rolled my first dough of noodles at the age of 8. It wasn’t perfect at all, but I wanted to make my parents a surprise, so I put all myself in to the task and I did it.
That was just one of the many challenges I have faced…continue to face every day in the culinary world.
Being greedy of anything tasty myself, I have always nagged my grandmothers, and my friends’ mothers and grandmothers so that they would teach me and hand down their knowledge to me.
Obviously, I wouldn’t nag my mother who “hates cooking”…strange but true! In reality, I have to thank her because even though she didn’t like cooking, she has always allowed me to express myself in the kitchen.
Being fascinated by the culinary world, I took my first step into it working as a waitress and that made me very happy because I could, finally observe this wonderful world from behind the scenes, giving to me possibility to grasp the secrets, study the times, techniques and methods of every great chef. 
Moreover, being a sweet-gourmande, I couldn’t but learn more about the part of cooking that I enjoyed the most…PASTRY-MAKING!!! How Marvellous!!!
Entering a kitchen and smelling the scent of freshly-baked croissants…!
In the meantime, an idea kept growing inside my mind…that, being a person who likes learning all the time, my place was not just in one place… so I decided to explore further and to work in different situations, and became a true freelance chef. The name “Prillein” come from here… in my dialect a “prillein” is a spinning top…a spinning top in the kitchen!
I love cooking.
I keep on looking for new tastes, new colours and nice matches…
Cooking means a lot to me: it is giving me news experiences and I look for magic every time.