With WHO I Work

Exè Restaurant

Exè Restaurant

Why Exè Restaurant?

A story of entrepreneurship and tenacity arrives from Fiorano that wants to overcome the emergency period.

Why Amerigo?

To me  Amerigo i also cooking “in” the world (Tokyo, Arabia Saudita, Texas, Pechino,…).
An extraordinary opportunity to make our dishes known abroad.

Why Bibendum Catering?

I met Marta Pulini  by chance through a friend’s friend…
When I got to read about Marta Pulini I was fascinated by her and what she had  achieved in the culinary world. She became a role-model to me, a reference point.
Beauty, great care given to the preparation and attention to detail.

Why Fuori Rosa?

There’s another big story behind this name: a hundred years,  5 generations from the same family…
An inn, a restaurant and finally the catering. From the very beginning I could feel that their way of working matched mine. 
Simple, genuine food, always served in a perfect day.

Agriturismo Casa Fonsi

Why Agriturismo Fonsi?

Because it is an incredible location with breathtaking views…fields of sunflowers, lavender in bloom and vineyards.
A true wonder of nature!! And the food? Traditional, simple and genuine.